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Friday, December 07, 2007

Sharks! And Big Dinner

Saw a great documentary last night -- Sharkwater, which was done by Rob Stewart. I never thought I'd hug a shark, but you have to love this kid's passion. Plus, there's a great interview moment with one of the renegades of the environmental movement. He's talking about how most people don't care what happens in the world. Most people don't want to make a change. Then he looks right at the camera and says, But you only need a few.

Ohh, I feel like I'm in college again discussing theories of the universe. Anyway, trailer is here

Also, after 25 comics pages, and two covers together, tonight I finally get to meet Gene Ha face-to-face. This is the benefit of living where there's warm weather: people come down to get away from the cold. And go to comic conventions.

Now to figure out if there's more work we can do together...

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