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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Meeting Your Heroes

I never met Jim Henson. Or Mr. Rogers. Or Will Eisner (who I was asked to do an event with, and I sadly missed the opportunity). But I did finally get to meet Jerry Robinson. He's not a hero because he created the Joker, or named Robin, or any of the creative stuff. He's a hero because he fought for Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to get credit for creating Superman. And he still fights for Bill Finger as a true co-creator of Batman.

And so...highlights from last night's event:

  • Robinson telling the story of reading Dark Knight and seeing Robinson Park -- and not realizing it was named for him.
  • Any story he told of the old artists and writers cramped in some old room (at DC, he sat next to Kirby, Siegel, Shuster, etc).
  • Bill Finger's granddaughter showing up at the event
  • Seeing the original art from many of the WWII Superman covers (including the one with the eagle perched on his arm).
  • And the oh-so-impossible feeling that I was somehow a tiny part of this twisted, incestuous, obsessive, introverted and spectacular world we call comics.

Thanks to those who came. Will try to get the video soon.

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