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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Comments From Previous Blog

On vacation, so a little light this week, but want to respond to this in response to the Ludlam blog:

Jared Rourke said...

"always just amazed that people don't mind buying books that're written by someone beside the author."

I'm really not trying to be smart here, but this coming from the guy who just finished up a run on the Justice League comic. I can't see much difference between that and someone writing a new "Bourne" book, especially since it appears to have been the author's wish (not particularly for Bourne, but for other books of his). I do think there's a major dishonesty in putting Ludlum's name larger than the actual author's... but what else do you expect?

Full disclosure: I've never read a Robert Ludlum book. But I do enjoy a good Meltzer book, Justice League or not.

Jared, totally fair point. And love you for keeping me honest. So let me clarify: my amazement comes from the people who think they're buying a book written by Ludlum and they're just not. If you love Bourne, buy Bourne. More power to you. Just know you're not really getting a book written by Ludlum (who really was a master).

Also, a huge thanks for all the pro-bald crowd. And especially to those trying something they're afraid of.


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