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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Meltzer Loves Rocky Balboa

I loved the first Rocky. I loved Rocky II. I even loved Rocky III. (Mr. T AND Hulk Hogan? And Apollo trains him? And Eye of the Tiger? And a superhero ending with a fight that never was? I'm IN!).

And yes, Rockys IV and V were piles of crap on the levels of Superman III and IV.

But the new Rocky VI? Rocky Balboa? It. Is. Amazing.

I said it, I'm not afraid to say it, and I'm not even couching it with, "It's good for a Rocky movie."

It's a great movie. Stallone (I still barely believe I type these words) is writing from a personal place here. He's not writing about Rocky. He's writing about himself. About anyone getting older, and worrying that they peaked, and terrified they'll never see success come again. Plus, I'm a sap for father/son stuff.

So there. Rather than be all high and mighty and tell you how wonderful some art house is, I'm siding with what's actually good. Rocky Balboa. No joke.

I can't wear your colors, Apollo.



Jim Hall said...

I loved BALBOA also. I think it's best to just skip ROCKY'S 4 and 5. View 1-3 and then BALBOA

Anonymous said...

... about the Freemasons. What set you on a three year trail of discovery?

THE BOOK OF FATE was a good read.
Keep 'em coming.