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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New JLA art

Okay, of all the geek thrills, here's the best one lately (though still tough to beat the guy at who comped me for free movies forever -- man, I owe him big). Below are four new beautifully drawn pages from Justice League of America. Issue 1. That's right -- the ones the spectacular Ed Benes already drew.

Here, they're redrawn by new star Marcelo DiChiara. Why? I have no logical explanation, but boyo, do I love when someone sends me stuff like this. Like seeing the world through someone else's eyes.

A few years back, I asked if we could do something like this -- where different artists redid the same scene so we could see the view. So here you go...the of charge.

And thanks to Joe Prado for passing these along.

Love and mushiness,


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sammy.the.k said...

Pretty cool, but the style is a bit cartoony for the feel and tone that you set, (dont get me wrong I really like cartoony in certain instances ie Ed McGuinness is genius), but I would LOVE to see Michael Turner do Justice League (I want more than just a variant cover), although Ed Benes is brilliant and I am VERY happy with what he is doing.

Marcelo Di Chiara said...

Hi Mr.Meltzer,

Thank you very much for posting the pages here..I´m feel honored and I´m really glad that you liked my art.
Thank you again and sorry for my poor english.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

in response to Sammy...
How on earth is this considered "cartoony" compared to somone like Michael Turner? Turner's artwork is so much more exaggerated and far fatched than this, which is essentially a simplified version of reality.

marcelo is awesome, and I can't wait to buy comics drawn by him

Kimota94 aka Matt aka AgileMan said...

Very interesting stuff and kudos to Marcelo for making an effort that's clearly a labour of love.

I'm assuming he drew these from seeing what Ed did in JLA # 1, rather than from the original script? I wonder how different they'd have been if he'd been working off the script instead? Re-imaging art, from art, is probably completely different from imaging art from words, I'm guessing. But then again, I can't do stick drawings and have them be recognizable, so what do I know (or, as someone at my workplace commented after I scribbled an extremely untalented scene of customers and software engineers on the whiteboard, as part of a process list we were trying to build: "How can someone so into comics like you possibly draw so crappy??" My response: Now you know why I'm working here, instead of in the comic business, man!)

Kimota94 aka Matt aka AgileMan said...

... And of course I twice used the word "imaging" when I meant "imagining" in that last post. Sigh. Marcelo asks forgiveness for his "poor english" but sadly, in my case, it's the only language I more-or-less speak. :-(