Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Secret History

Here's the perfect way to finish the year.

This week, a 97 year old man named Jerry Fine passed away. Nearly a decade ago, Jerry invited me into his house. The reason I was there was because when Jerry was a kid, he introduced his cousin Jerry Siegel to a boy named Joe Shuster. Siegel was a writer; Shuster an artist. And yes, together, those 17 year-old kids from Cleveland created the character known as Superman.

History is just the best, isn't it? Jerry Fine did many things with his life. And on one particular day, though nobody knows his name, he changed the planet. Without him, Siegel and Shuster potentially never forge their famous friendship and we never get Superman.

So thank you, Jerry Fine. Thank you for that day in your house where you shared your memories, your family, and your friendship. And thank you for proving that there's no such thing as an ordinary person.

Healthy and happy new year to you all!


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Thee Ox said...

Brad Im sorry for the loss of yer friend.


Marcos Rodriguez said...

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